I Skipped a Week… COH Week 3 Summer 2014

This is a week of overcoming one of the biggest obstacles in my life. I was feeling confident because I found a great song to open the video with, but this was the week when a huge strom rolled through and knocked out the power to the camp for 2-3 days.

About halfway through the whole experience I realized that If I don’t have electricity to power my equipment I don’t have a job. haha.

This week I experienced one of the biggest waves of encouragement and support I’ve probably received in my entire life. People would come and visit me in my office to check up on me and show their appreciation for what I do. (Shout out to Emily Lado)

Eventually the power did come on, but tests were being run in the area and the power would go off without warning. In result I would lose hours of work at some points. it was incredibly frustrating. At one time the power went out while I was editing and lost two hours of work. I ran into the conference room completely heated and my boss and the two Summer Activity Leaders were there praying for me. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but in the end I saw God answering my prayers throughout the week. I saw people standing beside me while I was kicking and screaming. I saw that I wasn’t alone. (shout out to Derek Hodne, Colin Kirby and Ashley Froisland)

I learned in this week that the journey you have with the Lord is not only dependent on Him and His grace, but with the people who come along side you and pick you up. I learned that I didn’t have to pursue what I love and do it alone. I realized that what I need is close to what I want. I realized that I need friends who will be there for me. (Shout out to Josh Devarie. Who remained with me the whole time!)

I also met some of the best friends in my life. (shout out to Libby Simmons!)

Plus, I was not only able to finish the week strong, but I filmed and edited one of the best videos of the summer. I’m probably going to say that a few more times, by the way



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