Creativity for Creative people…

Write. Reread. Edit. Keep writing.

I’m writing a script for a movie right now and I’m falling in love with the Lord and coming alive every second of it.

Every little detail is important. I literally pace back and forth thinking about these characters and how people will relate to them.

I feel that this movie will encourage creative sons and daughters of God reach another level of creativity they don’t feel is acceptable in the eyes of others. Why? Because people have been afraid of their ideas. Because of the fear of something new and creative, people have held them down and tried to mold them into society’s image of a successful person.

Creative people were born to create. It brings them closer to God and it becomes their means to follow Jesus.

When people look at their work they will see a child and their Heavenly Father dancing together. They will see a heart before the Lord and they will see a Father delighted in their Child. Something the world needs more of, believe me.

If creative ones don’t know this, their gifting goes to a lesser means. They usually break loose and use their gifts to hurt themselves and others, not even knowing they are doing it. Or even worse they shut down and bury what God placed inside of them. I’ve met too many people who this has happened to and it makes me sick because they don’t even know how beautiful they are. They don’t know they are created to bring people alive… They don’t even know they could shift culture, if God wills it.

It’s time to do great things. It’s time to do something new.

If you #capturetheeyes you can #capturetheheart

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